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May 9

El Dorado Restoration Completely Restores Fire Damaged Restaurant!

El Dorado Restoration Project

February 12, 2012 was a bad day for the Chen & Chen-Wu families. Mr. Chen and his extended family are the co-owners of Fortune Garden Chinese Restaurant, located in El Dorado Hills. The restaurant had to shut down periodically due to an electrical fire, which started in the freezer unit. The Chen business was still relatively new – opening just 7 years prior in 2005 – and a loss of this magnitude could have been devastating.

Thanks to El Dorado Restoration, the restaurant only had to be shut down for a little over a year while the property was thoroughly cleaned, repaired, and rebuilt.

Regarding El Dorado, Landy Chen-Wu said: “Fortunately, we had a good general contractor that really went out of their way to help us. It wasn’t easy,. but there are good people out there that really do want to help! I wouldn’t have been able to deal with all of the issues if it wasn’t for the good people at El Dorado Restoration.”

She went on to express her gratitude for her returning customers at the grand re-opening with the following statement: “I’m so happy, It’s so great to be here and see everyone again. I’ve learned that if you open your heart and be genuine with people, they will keep coming back. I love our guests.”

El Dorado Restoration Project

You can now visit the Chen family once again at their Chinese Diner located on Embarcadero Drive in El Dorado Hills for lunch and dinner all 7 days of the week!

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News Source: The Mountain Democrat